Question Time/ Discussion: Have you traveled recently?

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Hey Guys, I hope you are all keeping safe.

I wanted to hop online to ask YOU all a question…. 

Have you traveled these last few months? If so, how was it? Do you have any trips lined up? Are there many tourists? Or do you have awesome Stay-cation ideas?

If you don’t feel like travelling right now, or can’t travel right now for whatever reason I will link a post I created to help with satisfying those travel desires : Holidaying without the holiday: Ideas to get back some of those travel feelings.

I am really missing travel and seeing the world but obviously, I want to be responsible so I am intrigued to hear if you have been abroad.

Drop me a comment and let me know! Feel free to leave tips for anyone else who is unsure where to travel right now 

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  1. My last trip was in March, to the UK. The USA prohibited flights from the UK the week after I got back. Back then, the coronavirus cases were starting to rise, so we were seriously considering whether we should cancel or not. Luckily, everything turned out okay. Me and my boyfriend have plane tickets to visit Japan in November, but we know we won’t be able to go. At least we have something to look forward to after this pandemic is over!

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    1. Ohhh! Im glad things turned out well for the first trip but so sorry to hear about not being able to go on the trip to Japan! True, at least it is something to look forward to in the future !


  2. I moved to Oregon in January after months of traveling on the road. Then Covid hit and we were in quarantine by March. My family lives in Utah so we drove back there in June. I couldn’t believe how big of a difference it was from there to Oregon. Here everyone is wearing a mask and it was rare to see people wearing masks in Utah. It didn’t feel like they took covid seriously. It gave me serious anxiety! It made me realize that traveling might not be worth it for now.

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    1. Oh wow! Yes it seems like different cities have different mentalities to masks, it’s the same in the U.K. too ! I agree, it’s hard to know where is best to travel


  3. My last trip was on March 2020 to Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia before our country applied the social distancing policy. I traveled with friends as usual, how I miss traveling normally.


    1. Ohhh wow I’m sure that was such an amazing trip! And me too, I miss traveling !


  4. I traveled about a month ago to Turkey. Because of Corona I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in over 5 months and it was the only place we could both visit. The locals were incredible grateful to see tourists as so much of their economy is dependent on tourism.

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    1. Ohhhh! How did you find the journey via plane? Was the flight busy ?


      1. One flight was very busy but the others were pretty empty!

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